Fast & Furious 9 hits theaters today (“The Godfather II of Vin Diesel car crash movies” says CNET’s Richard Trenholm), but if you’ve somehow missed any of the past eight (!) movies over the past 20 (!) years, I have good news for you: The entire collection is on sale today at Amazon for just $29. That’s within $4 of the all-time low.

The package includes the Blu-ray discs and HD digital versions — just $3.63 per flick — so it’s an easy buy even if you don’t really ever watch some of the more forgettable, pre-Dwayne Johnson entries in the series. (You know, before the characters effectively morphed into superheroes.) On the other hand, I know there are plenty of Tokyo Drift fans out there, too — and with this collection, you don’t have to choose. The only downsides: no 4K, and no Hobbs & Shaw.  

The sale is today only, or while supplies last.

(A version of this story posted previously, when this set was previously discounted.)