Loki with two drinks

The third episode of Loki’s solo adventure is worthy of celebration.

Marvel Studios

Episode the third of Loki’s solo adventure landed on Disney Plus Wednesday, revealing where the God of Mischief ended up after ditching the Time Variance Authority and pursuing his female variant through a time portal. The Marvel Cinematic Universe show occurs after 2012 Loki fled captivity in Avengers: Endgame.

Lady Loki (British actor Sophia Di Martino) bombed the Sacred Timeline with stolen TVA reset charges, seemingly creating countless branches and undoing the timeline cops’ work. She told her male counterpart (Tom Hiddleston) her plot wasn’t about him, which probably intrigued him enough to abandon his TVA pal Mobius (Owen Wilson) by following her.

Not that Mobius will have much time to get bored — the agency went into high alert as a result of Lady Loki’s attack.

Let’s follow a new branch into a SPOILER-filled timeline, for an episode entitled “Lamentis.”


Marvel Studios

Trapped in an apocalypse

The episode ends with Loki and his variant (who prefers to be called Sylvie) apparently trapped on a doomed world. In 2077, the moon Lamentis-1 is about to be wiped out by a falling planet and the ark they’d planned to hijack and escape on has been destroyed. So they’re doomed?

Their original plan was to recharge the TVA TemPad and jump to a different point in time, but that was broken when Loki was thrown off the train. Or was it? Given his penchant for trickery, it’s possible the device is still functioning or fixable.

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